4 top brands on Snapchat that are having just as much fun as their followers

“Fundamentally, Snapchat is a bit of a confusing platform to use,” says Paul, “Snapchat has lots of hidden tricks and tools; obviously, the platform is constantly evolving with the Lens[es] that seem to change every day, and the Discovery channels — to say nothing of the paid products that are constantly changing.”

Paul says that for his team, Snapchat is about inventing completely new processes, new measurements and new benchmarks.

Along with Thompson and Paul, we asked National Geographic’s VP of social media, Rajiv Mody, and Taco Bell’s social media lead, Ryan Rimsnider, how their brands are taking advantage of the platform — from what they’ve learned since joining to all the ways they are having fun with their Snapchat followers.

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Sourced through Scoop.it from: marketingland.com

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