Top 10: the best luxury hotels in Rome

An insider’s guide to the top luxury hotels in Rome, including the best for rooftop restaurants, Colosseum views, sumptuous spas and lavish bedrooms, in locations including the centro storico and the Piazza di Spagna.

The First Luxury Art Hotel Roma

When is a hotel not a hotel? When it’s also an art gallery – one which showcases the work of Italian and international artists in both common areas and bedrooms. This 29-room urban refuge is a good, discreet alternative to larger luxe palaces, and in its decked rooftop bar it has one of the best panoramic perches in the centro storico. The rooms follow the compartmentalised layout of Roman apartments, making them intimate and homely (some even have fireplaces). The main ground-floor restaurant is the gourmet’s choice; it’s worth putting barman Luca de Filippis through his paces – ask him to mix you a Frankenstein, then sit back and enjoy the show.  view hotels in lucknow


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