Ex-PM Manmohan Singh Helped Vijay Mallya, Alleges BJP, Citing Letters Between 2011-2013

NEW DELHI: Letters formed by liquor big shot Vijay Mallya to the Congress-drove UPA government in the region of 2011 and 2013 have set off another political fight before the Budget. The letters were held up by the BJP today as confirmation that past Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Finance Minister P Chidambaram helped Mr Mallya get progresses even with his poor credit record. The BJP said after Mr Mallya’s many letters, the UPA government urged credits to the specialist’s by and by obsolete Kingfisher Airlines from a consortium of banks.

Here are the 10 progressions of the story:

1-“From where did Vijay Mallya get such backings? Was sinking ship (Congress) helping sinking flying machine (Kingfisher),” tended to BJP delegate Sambit Patra.

2-Mr Patra said clearly the “hands” that pulled the strings to ensure that Mr Mallya got propels had a place with Dr Singh and Mr Chidambaram.

3-The BJP moreover deduced the piece of “10 Janpath (Congress president Sonia Gandhi)” in pulling strings and expressed: “Sonia and Rahul Gandhi should turn out in the open to state at whose charge the credits were approved to Kingfisher Airline.”

4-In a letter in October 2011, Mr Mallya appears to express appreciation toward Dr Singh for meeting him a month earlier and demands that he help him getting cash related support from banks like the State Bank of India.

5 following a month, the master formed another letter to the Prime Minister’s office, asking for squeezing help to stop the stamping of Kingfisher as a “Non-Performing Asset”.

6-The past Prime Minister and Mr Chidambaram, who gave their examination of the country’s economy today before the Budget, said they were simply sending requests as an issue of timetable.

7-“You are examining one letter that was leaked….there are a few letters that go to the lawmaking body reliably,” said Mr Chidambaram.

8-The Congress has faulted the BJP-driven government for helping the operator duck the law. “The bona fide question to be asked is who permitted Mr Mallya to escape? Who excused the credit? Didn’t the BJP vote for him and pass on him to the Rajya Sabha?” said the social event’s illustrative Randeep Singh Surjewala.

9-Mr Mallya made a trip to Britain in March a year prior in the midst of attempts by banks to recover around 9,000 crores in unpaid credits to Kingfisher Airlines, which quit flying in 2012.

10-Indian associations have since made a couple attempts to bring back the delegate, who stands up to court warrants. Mr Mallya has said he is living in “compelled pariah”.

Source:- NDTV


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