Control burglary: Haryana to act against government representatives


Chandigarh: Tightening the noose around power criminals in the state, control utilities in Haryana on Monday reported stricter activity against government representatives discovered required in power robbery.

“The worker of any office discovered required in the robbery of power would welcome activity against him under Electricity Act and also Haryana Civil Service Rules, 2016.

Aside from this, other than forcing an overwhelming punishment, departmental activity would be started against them,” the representative said.

There are around 2.5 lakh representatives working in various branches of the state government. Plus, more than 1.5 lakh representatives are occupied with various sheets and companies under the state government.

“Amid strikes led by the power office in various regions, different instances of energy robbery in the premises of government workers have come to fore.

Till now, however move was being made against the failing workers under the Electricity Act, their concerned offices were not being educated about their offense,” he brought up.

The representative said in future, while taking genuine note of such episodes, the power utilities have chosen to make a move against such workers as well as advise their areas of expertise so that, aside from forcing an overwhelming punishment, departmental activity could be started against them.

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